What You Need To Know About Manufactured Home Bathroom Windows

Being a proud owner of a mobile home comes with many perks. This is especially the case when it comes to the cost of housing as well as the monthly bills. However, owning a manufactured home doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t get to make certain home improvements.

There comes a time when you want to give your home an upgrade, say by updating certain parts of the home such as the windows. In most cases, manufactured home windows come in standard sizes, especially for rooms such s the bedroom and the living room.

For most manufactured home models, however, the case is a little different when it comes to bathroom windows. Most of them do not have standard shapes, sizes, and styles. This means that when retrofitting to add some edge on outdated manufactured home bathroom windows for an older model, you will want to make some notable considerations.

Below are some things you might want to know, which can be helpful when replacing or updating your manufactured home bathroom windows.

Reasons to Replace Manufactured Home Bathroom Windows

For most mobile homeowners, the reasons for replacing windows are more or less the same as those of conventional homeowners. The windows could be damaged, broken, leaky, or outdated. Some people also do so to improve their home’s energy efficiency and bathroom décor. At times, it can be difficult to tell whether it’s time to replace your bathroom windows or not, especially if they’re placed too high from your vicinity.

With manufactured homes gaining popularity every tick of the clock, more and more bathroom window styles and designs are emerging, some of which can highly entice you to get a fresh look for your bathroom. You may find that you need more natural lighting in your bathroom than the amount allowed by your current windows, or you may simply be in need of more privacy and thus opt for something more opaque. The replacement reasons are simply more than a few.

Common Modern Options Available

1. Arched Bathroom Windows

These are radius windows, which are more or less used for the purpose of enhancing the bathroom’s elegance. They come in a wide variety of options, including frame, grid, and glass to help you make a style statement in your manufactured home.

2. Leaded-Glass Decorative Windows

These are decorative triple-glazed windows that are highly ideal for mobile home bathrooms. In addition to adding a whole lot of beauty in your shower place, these windows will also improve the room’s privacy. They also exist in a huge spectrum of sizes, designs, and shapes, including oval, octagon, square, and transom styles.

3. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer an easy-to-wash solution. They are made of glass that is designed to reduce water spots in addition to the fact that the window easily tilts for easy washing.

4. Bright & Light Windows

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a dark place. These windows are designed to brighten up the room by allowing enough natural light inside during the day and illuminating the space better during the dark hours when you’re using your manufactured home’s electric lighting.

Crucial Considerations When Choosing Windows For The Bathroom

1. Size and Shape

Size is, of course, one of the biggest factors to look at when retrofitting or updating your manufactured home bathroom windows. If you’re looking to simply replace a damaged or broken window, you would want to go for a replacement unit that will fit on the available space in terms of shape and size. If you’re going to update your windows with a more appealing shape, then some remodeling may have to be done to allow the installation of the new unit, which may require a professional.

2. Style and Performance

As for styles, the options are endless. Awning windows, sliding windows, and double-hung windows are among the most popular profile choices available.

3. Framing Material

For the purpose of lighting, you will, of course, need to go for glass windows. However, the ultimate quality of your bathroom windows will be determined by the framing material. Aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are among the most common options available.

4. Cost versus Budget

The cost of upgrading your manufactured home bathroom windows will be determined by a number of factors. Some of these include the following:

• Window size
• Window design and style
• Window material
• Where you purchase the windows
• The cost of installation labor

It is important, therefore, that before taking on the project, you take your time and do your homework well so that you make an informed decision while keeping the above considerations in mind to avoid breaking the bank.