Shower Arm Choices When The Need Arises

There are three main types of shower arms. These are the extendable arm, the hose arm and the high rise arm. The extendable arm does make use of movable joints which allow the spray head to be moved easily from one side to the other or up and down in the stall area. The shower hose arm on the other hand are the most popular, giving users the greatest amount of flexibility since it allows users to detach the head and move it any place or location that’s been permitted by the hose length.

A high rise head arm is occasionally referred to as an “S” arm and is ideal for raising the spray nozzle up and out of the wall that’s at a great height. The bend in such a piping first directs the water upwards and then re-directs it perpendicularly from the wall before it ends in the spray head. It is usually useful in situations where the water piping does terminate at a relatively low point in the wall. It is also ideal for use by tall individuals who prefer to use an overhead water stream.

An extended shower arm on the other hand usually features one or more joints throughout the entire assembly. The head is usually fitted in such a way so as to allow the head to move at any direction away from the wall. Depending on the joint connectors used this movement from up and down, side to side or both.

The shower arm can be constructed from durable yet pliable plastic which is then covered in metal joints. They are usually available in several color metallic finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or chrome.

Shower Arm Choices – Recommendations

Here are some examples of available shower arm choices which are readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: shower arm with flange

Price: $ 12.99


Details: this shower arm and flange takes the water from the supply line to the inside of the shower in your mobile home, it does retain the nut on the back and flange on the front so as to hold the shower arm firmly in place. Because many manufactured homes don’t have a wooden brace where the shower arm goes through the wall, this lightweight plastic arm does hold firmly in place without the disadvantage of too much weight on the drywall. It is a 6 inch long shower with 1/2 inch threads and a retaining nut for the back.

2) Product Name: Titus Shower Arm (350mm)

Price: $ 60.00


Details: this series does offer users a very contemporary and discreet design and look. This shower arm is one of the few true minimalist square bodied tap wares in the market. This is a solid brass body accessory with high quality chrome finish. Its flat surface makes it easy to clean. Further to all this, the interesting shower arm is sold with very generous warranty periods, ensuring total satisfaction from discerning buyers. It is easy to install, fits in most showers and is very easy to maintain as well. The high quality chrome finish makes it a good addition to any bathroom irrespective of the interior décor.

3) Product Name: Brushed Nickel 14” Shower Arm With 0.5 Inch Connection

Price: $ 101.36


Details: this is without doubt one of the best shower arms in the market currently. Whether you want to have your showerhead at a slight angle or straight, this shower arm does come with a ball joint which can be fitted so as to allow for a slight tilt. Made of stainless steel and a brush nickel finish, this shower arm is ideal for use in any bathroom.

4) Product Name: Brushed Nickel Rain dance Shower Arm Swivel  

Price: $ 266.50


Details: made from solid brass, this shower arm does have brushed nickel finish and a ninety (90) degree bend. It does also have a half inch female NPT inlet as well. The arm can also easily swivel either to the right or left. By using this arm it is possible to significantly increase the height of the shower head with a minimum or 8 inches or thereabouts. It is also worth mentioning that this product is sold with an Escutcheon plate. It is easy to install and maintain as well.