Semi in Ground Vs above Ground Pools

Semi in Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Which Is Better?

A swimming pool can be an awesome addition to your outdoor environment. In addition to providing a nice place to relax and have fun, pools increase the overall value of a property. Nonetheless, polls vary in terms of type, size, and design. Some are easier and more economical to install and maintain than others. Depending on the type of pool you own, you can also include additional features such as heating and the like.

The basic types of pools include inground, semi-inground, and above ground pools. Of course, in-ground swimming pools are inarguably the most common. Nonetheless, more and more people are becoming more inclined to semi inground and above-ground pools. This is mainly because the two options are more cost-effective and easier to maintain compared to the earlier version. But what if you only had to choose on between the two options, which one would it be? Without further ado, let’s jump into the real icing on the cake. Here are some pointers that may help you choose one between semi in ground vs above ground pools.

Semi in Ground Pools

Semi inground pools are also commonly known as semi above ground pools. Here, the pool is buried in the ground but only partially. They are way much cheaper and are also easier to install compared to their in-ground pool counterparts. However, their installation may cost a bit more compared to above ground options. This means that these pools are an intermediary between the two alternative options.

The Benefits

Design and styling are among the biggest advantages semi inground pools have over above ground pools. They are much easier to work with in terms of design. With a semi-in-ground pool, you can easily include creative structures and landscaping around. The pool may require some thoughtfulness in terms of layout, design, and placement. The structure can also increase the resale value of your home.

• Cheaper than in-ground pools
• Relatively easy to install
• Multiple design options
• Adds to your home’s value

The Downsides

Semi in-ground pools can be a bit more expensive to buy, install, and maintain compared to their above ground alternatives.

• More expensive than above ground pool
• Not portable
• Rental options not available
• You either have it or you don’t
• Construction may take time
• May require some extra maintenance
• Less safe than above-ground pools

Above Ground Pools

Just like the name suggests, above ground pools are swimming pools that are installed above the ground. No burying is required when installing these pools. In other words, they only require placement in a suitable location.

The Benefits

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of above ground pools is that they’re the cheapest swimming pool options around. Their installation also doesn’t require a professional, unless you need some help or advice regarding placement. Moreover, these pools are also portable, meaning that you can move at will to suit your preferences. They are also available in a wide variety of designs and layouts to choose from depending on the dealer you approach. As a matter of fact, custom options are available as well.

Also, some AGP models allow you to adjust the depth and size of the pool to suit the current user. A pet, kid or individual without swimming skills is less likely to fall into an above ground pool. Even more, interestingly, you don’t have own an above-ground pool to use one in your home. Rental options are also available, meaning that anyone can enjoy a fun swimming pool weekend experience without much strain. And who said you can’t rent yours out for some extra cash when not in use? They’re also safer. Cheaper

• Don’t take up space permanently
• Easiest to install
• Portable, can be moved from point A to point B
• Multiple options available, including customized ones
• Rental options available
• Can be rented out for extra cash
• Generally considered safer

The Downsides

All the same, you can’t help but remember that above ground pools are temporary. This means that they’ll barely increase the value of your home or property. Considering they’re portable, an above ground pool can also be stolen depending on its size, weight, and security level. Depending on the material the pool is made from; above-ground options tend to be less durable compared to in-ground pools.

• They won’t increase your home’s value
• Can be stolen
• Can be less durable

Both the above swimming pool options are great. However, the best one for you will mainly depend on your individual preferences. It will depend on what you’re specifically looking for.

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