All You Need To Know About Manufactured Home Window Screens

Whether you have a severely damaged or missing window screen, you may be at a loss as to where to start your search from or which particular size of screen to purchase. Manufactured home window screens are not any different from those screens used in other windows.

The major difference though is usually in finding the correct size of screen which would fit into your home. To get the correct size, it is important to measure the frame correctly. If you want to build one for yourself, you can measure from frame to frame then go ahead and subtract 0.25” from the figure you get then order the screen material. It is always advisable to order more or slightly larger than the actual size of the window if you will be buying a kit and replacing the window yourself. On the other hand, if you decide to have the screen customized for you, it is important that you get the measurements correct as most dealers will not accept returns.

Manufactured Home Window Screens – Recommendations

Here is a brief list of the available manufactured home window screens readily available in the market from different suppliers. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Bright Aluminum Window Screen Kit (36”)

Price: $12.25


Details: its frame has a bright aluminum or mill finish. The entire kit does include four aluminum frames measuring 36”; it also has four corner inserts to connect the frame, 2 working spring clips, twelve feet (12 ft) of screen spline and a charcoal fiber glass screen that measures 36 by 36.

The kit does also come with easy to understand and follow steps on how to make any screen size for up to the maximum size of 36 by 36 in this particular case. For ease of use, if your window is exactly 36” x 36” it is recommended that you opt for a window kit that’s slightly bigger so as to afford you some margin of error is you are building the kit on your own.

2) Product Name: Bright Aluminum Window Screen Kit (48”)

Price: $ 14.50


Details: comes in a mill or bright aluminum finish, the kit does include two frames made from high quality aluminum measuring 48”. It also does contain two other frames made from the same high quality material but measuring 36”. There are four (4) corner inserts, two spring clips and a screen spline that measures fourteen feet (14ft). Contained in the kit also is a charcoal fiberglass screen that measures 36” x 48”. The kit does contain clear instructions on how to go about making a window screen of any size for up to a length of 36” and width of 48”.

3) Product Name: White Window Screen Kit (36”)

Price: $12.75


Details: the product does have a unique and stunningly beautiful white finish. It does include four (4) thirty six (36”) aluminum frames with four corner inserts made from a similar material. Two spring clips and a 12 (twelve) foot screen spline is also packed therein. The charcoal fiberglass screen measuring 36 by 36 is also contained. The easy to follow and understand steps provided with this kit can be used to easily make any screen provided it is smaller than or equal to the 36 by 36 of this particular kit.

4) Product Name: White Window Screen Kit

Price: $14.95


Details: this product does come in a beautiful white finish that’s bound to complement your windows irrespective of the color of your manufactured home. It does include two aluminum frames measuring 48”: it also has two other aluminum frames which measure 36” in length. Packed in the kit are also four (4) corner inserts and two spring clips. A screen spline measuring at least fourteen feet and a charcoal fiber glass screen that measures 36” by 48” is also included in the package. It should be noted that the listed instructions can only be used to accurately measure a screen that is 48 “in width and 36” in length. The screen is made in the USA.

5) Product Name: Aluminum Window Screen

Price: $14.64


Details: this particular window screen can fit a variety of windows. It is easily installed and is adjustable. The screen does provide superb outward visibility and measures 18 “in height and 48” in width. there are also smaller versions of the same which measure 10” in height and a width of 37” it is therefore important to accurately measure the required screen as the success of the fitted screen is fully dependent on how correctly the initial measurements were made and implemented while fitting the window screen.