Manufactured Home Skirting Choices

Manufactured Home Skirting Choices – Shopping Tips

Manufactured home skirting does refer to a specific barrier that extends from the bottom of the manufactured home to the ground. It is used to cover the foundation of the manufactured home and protect it from the elements of nature. In other instances, the skirting does also serve to provide some extra support to the home. Skirting does also add some visual appeal, protects against instances of insect or animal infestation and does also trap both cold and heat from escaping. This type of skirting is available in a variety of styles and materials. There are thus several manufactured home skirting choices to choose from, this include but are not limited to those made from made from vinyl, metal, and Simulated Skirting(Simulates rocks, stones and concrete) Brick skirting and stone or concrete skirting. Some examples are discussed below:

Vinyl skirting

1) Product Name: Manufactured Home 32 x 80 Inches Vinyl Skirting Package

Product price: $ 828.00

Product URL:

Product details: this package contains all you need to add skirting to your 32 x 80 manufactured or mobile home. The engineered vinyl does provide good color retention and the required ruggedness. It is a reliable and attractive protection for any home. They are also waterproof, non denting, and don’t require any painting. All the components are well engineered and trimmed, they are also easy to install with very basic tools. Included in the package are 16 pieces of regular top front, twenty pieces of top back, twenty pieces of ground track, four pieces of notched top front for the corners of your home, two hundred pieces of hex head one inch screws for securing the top back and a hundred pieces of seven inches in total length used to secure the ground track. The number of skirting panels though will depend on the average height of the manufactured home from the ground to the bottom.

Simulated Skirting

1) Product Name: 36 x 60 Granite Reil Rock Skirting Panel

Product price: $ 26.45

Product URL:

Product details: this is a simulated rock skirting panel that’s made from a single ABS molding for that superior quality. It does have several coats of paint before being color bonded so as to provide that authentic and highly valued and authentic rock look. It is an affordable alternative to natural stone and brick and is ideal for adding both beauty and distinction to any manufactured home. It is available in a variety of colors to choose from. It will not dent, scratch or rattle and can withstand harsh climates with lots of ease. Has a five year warranty.

2) Product Name: K-ROK Mobile Home Gray Skirting Panel

Product price: $ 31.99 per panel

Product URL:

Product details: these are heavy milled plastic panels that have a gray stone design. Gives your manufactured housing a more appealing cover at the bottom, they do help homeowners avoid damaging the lower end of their home. They turn exposed areas into very attractive and beautiful foundation look alike. This particular model is available in three basic sizes, the 32 by 57 inches panel, the 36 by 57 inches panel and the 48 by 57 inches panel too.

Metal Skirting

1) Product Name: Metal Stone Skirting Panel

Product price: $ 13.89

Product URL:

Product details: these panels measure 28 inches in height and 6o inches in width and is made from lightweight aluminum for ease of installation. They are also very reflective and provide an almost mirror like finish. It is also well textured so as to provide that feel of realism and utmost beauty.

2) Product Name: Silver/Galvanized Steel Solid Metal Skirting

Product price: $ 31.99

Product URL:

Product details: the decorative ornamental stone cement block design does make your mobile home to have a more permanent and attractive look. The panels are also easy to install and handle as all you need are some pop rivets, screws and nails. They also help prevent instances of heat loss, cutting down energy costs in the process and also preventing animals and other insects from gaining access to your home. Once installed, they do offer users a relatively large amount of storage space that’s been protected from theft, wind and rain. It is also worth noting that these panels can easily be removed and later reused if you need to have the home relocated at any given time.

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