All You Need To Know About Manufactured Home Siding Options

Mobile and manufactured homes are generally made of lightweight material to facilitate their transportation by keeping them as lightweight as possible. Generally, their framing which is rather lightweight too is not designed to take in heavy siding materials. Good manufactured home siding does protect the internal structure from damage caused by the elements. Choosing the right siding therefore does enable the homeowner to extend the life of his manufactured home. when making such a choice, it is important to take into consideration a variety of factors such as ease of installation, energy efficiency, water resistance, Aesthetics and versatility amongst a host of other factors. There are several manufactured home siding choices that one can choose from. These include but are not limited to the following; Vinyl Siding, Modulog Siding, Aluminum siding and Fiber Cement. Listed below are some of the specific examples:


1) Product Name: Harbour Crest ™ Double 4.5 Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Product Price: $214.86

Product Web URL:

Product Details: is resistant to hail damage, dents, fading and scratches. It is also impervious to mildew, wood boring insects and fungus. Once installed, these sidings don’t require any painting since they are rarely affected by the vagaries of nature. For beauty purposes, these sidings do have a deep embossed wood grain surface and a secure positive locking system. They are sold in pieces measuring a height of 9 inches and length of 12 inches. A case does contain 22 pieces which is equivalent to 200(two hundred) square feet.

Modulog (Log)

1) Product Name: 2×8 “Cedar QTR logs Siding

Product Price: Log with Reveal, U-Grade at $3.99 per square feet. Minimum of 1500 square feet

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Product Details: the QTR log siding is generally milled from around 2×8 “cedar board stock into a perfect log pattern. The lap pattern does ensure that there is a tight insulation all around the manufactured home against harsh weather conditions. This does eliminate the need for a sealant or chink between the installed logs. The cedar log siding can further be milled to show what is known as a reveal between the rounds after installation. It is worth noting that cedar has one of the longest life spans of any North American softwood.


1) Product Name: Double 4 Inches Aluminum Horizontal Textured Foam back Siding

Product Price: $ 249.00

Product Web URL:

Product Details: included is a plastic film for each and every sheet. This is made from low maintenance and yet sturdy aluminum. All the panels are wood grain embossed for that rugged and beautiful look; this also does provide some additional strength for the panels. The siding does not split, rot and is resistant to rust. They are also available in a variety of colors, ensuring that you get an appropriate color that fits your needs and requirements. The 4 x 12 inches of sidings are sold in packs of twelve (12) pieces, basically sold by the square.

Fiber Cement

1) Product Name: Maxi PANEL 4 x 9 Inches Grooved 8 Inch OC Fiber Cement Panel

Product Price: $ 49.99

Product Web URL:

Product Details: this is a durable product that’s easy to both maintain and install. It is a long lasting alternative to the more popular vinyl siding. This particular fiber cement panel is ideally designed for use as a vertical siding. It also does offer users with a deeply grained look that imitates that offered by natural wood. With the vertical grooves spaced eight (8) inches on center, the pattern produced is quite eye catching and does provide a seamless pattern from one panel to the other. It does come with a 50 year product warranty on the Maxi Tile Product. The one coat finish does come with a fifteen (15) year PPG paint warranty. It should also be noted that each panel does cover thirty six (36) square feet and the tile is Class A fire rated.

2) Product Name: 4 x 9 Inches Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding

Product Price: $ 39.98

Product Web URL:

Product Details: this particular fiber cement panel siding does offer users a stucco-siding appearance combined with the durability and strength you would actually expect of solid cement. It is also easy to install and maintain. The siding is factory primed on six (6) sides and does also come with a fifty (50) year product warranty and each and every panel does cover thirty six (36) square feet. They also have a secure positive locking system which ensures stability.