Manufactured Home Shower Units – Options Available

The shower place in your manufactured home should be a place where you can unwind, relax and freshen up.

Even though there may be size constraints when compared against conventional homes, it is possible to have high quality manufactured home shower units provided you know what you are looking for and where to search for the same.

When choosing shower units for your manufactured home, it is important to take into consideration certain factors such as the size of the fitting, the material used, the ease of installation and the available space you want to utilize.

Manufactured Home Shower Units – Recommendations

Here are some of the most widely used manufactured home shower units to choose from.

1) Product Name: Shower Head Chrome Half Inch

Price: $ 6.99


Details: this particular shower head does work pretty well for manufactured and mobile homes due to its lightweight and very reliable spray mechanism. It easily connects to the half inch threads on most shower arms. Because most manufactured homes and mobile homes normally have an opening in the drywall, this showerhead does not place unnecessary pressure on the wall at that particular point where the shower arm flange is placed the way heavier shower heads are known to do. With this shower head, all you need to do id unscrew that old shower head and put this new chrome color plastic, lightweight shower head.

2) Product Name: Solid Vikrell Ensemble Shower Base (32” x 34”)

Price: $ 183.20


Details: keeping in mind the amount of time you spend on the shower, it is important to have your shower look good and inviting. Normally, Vikrell material does only require a very mild cleanser for that regular cleansing. The shower enclosures are generally designed with curved edges to minimize those hard to reach places on corners and shelves. The shower bases do have non skid bottoms so as to minimize any instance of slippage. The high gloss white finish does not only provide a smooth and beautiful surface, it is also easy to clean and maintain. It is also worth noting that the shower bases can be used in either tile in applications or wall surrounds. The bases are also stain and scratch resistant and are sold with a ten year warranty.

3) Product Name: Kinro Composite Shower Pan (27” x 54”)

Price: $ 219.99


Details: this almond pan has a left hand drain and can seamlessly replace your 27” x 54” tub without making any plumbing change on your manufactured home, this comes in quite handy when you want to change the look of your shower place without going through too much hassle and bustle. Before choosing a pan though, it is important to take note on which sides the drain does lie, there are right hand, center and left hand side drains and this will dictate how you are going to fit the pan in your manufactured home.

4)  Product Name: ProPlus ® 4 .5” Chrome Flat top Strainer Shower Drain

Price: $ 6.95


Details: made from stainless steel, this shower drain is ideal for most manufactured home shower stalls and general sinks too. It does easily fit into 3. 5” to 4” openings and has a 4.5” top flange diameter. Conventional shower drains tend to be too wide for most mobile homes: this drain does fit easily in the more popular 3.5”. As many mobile home owners will acknowledge, getting a double wide shower drain with a 1.2 inch pipe is quite difficult, this particular drain does fit the bill and is also quite durable as it is made from stainless steel, a new real machined piece of metal.

5) Product Name: American Fiberglass 54” x 27 White Bathtub

Price: $ 229.00


Details: this bathtub is available with drains which can either be on the right, left or back center. It is made from fiberglass reinforced polyester with a splendid Gelcoat finish for that perfect look and feel that you so much desire at home. It does come with an integral skirt with a tiling flange that’s turned up on its edges on three sides. The bottom is textured and is therefore slip resistant. It has a super decent quality, and is bound to look as if it has been in your bath all along. It is worth noting that this bathtub is relatively easy to install, and is a residential grade tub, fit enough for your manufactured home.