Gain Easy Access To Your Home With Manufactured Home Prefab Porch Steps

Steps for a side, back or front entrance to your  manufactured home are an important necessity which you cannot afford to ignore. These manufactured home prefab porch steps are usually available in four basic types: these are fiberglass, concrete, metal and wood. They come in handy for any building which has a raised entrance and requires an easy and safe access for anyone who is going or coming in the home.


Portable wooden stairs are the easiest and cheapest solution. They are quite portable because they are very easy to lift. They are usually not as deep or wide as steps made from other materials. Most if not all of them are usually treated with a relatively light coating of weather sealer. To get the best out of the steps, many people opt to add another coat of water sealer. It is also advisable to set the base on a concrete or plastic base so as to enhance its longevity.


Portable concrete prefab porch steps on the other hand are quite heavy and also quite long lasting, in fact a simple two stepper will require at least three people to lift whereas the larger steps are usually moved using a forklift. It is worth noting that it is usually quite difficult to keep concrete steps quite uniform because the edges will chip, wear and tear in certain areas over a period of time.


Portable prefab fiberglass steps do provide homeowners with the best of both worlds, they are not only lighter than concrete steps but they are also more durable than wooden steps. They are usually built around a wooden frame and can last for several years without showing any sign of degradation. It is worth noting that fiberglass stairs usually have individual strands that hang out along the sides, these can be quite sharp and dangerous unless they are smoothened out.


Portable metal prefab porch steps are usually made from either aluminum or steel. They tend to be the most beautiful of the four types and are also quite long lasting. They can also be combined with wood to provide a mix of the two and are easy to maintain and are quite portable also.

Manufactured Home Prefab Porch Steps – Recommendations

Here are examples of high quality manufactured home prefab porch steps readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Mobile Home Metal Kit Steps- 2 Stairs

Price: $ 210.00


Details: these metal steps look like bricks and allow for easy entry in your manufactured home. They offer an attractive and rugged entrance to the home and are available in a wide variety of colors to fit the outdoor décor and design. It does have a rugged slip resistant surface coating and is also quite portable and easy to handle. It is available in different sizes in terms of stairs or steps, from two stairs to six stairs. The steps have dimensions of 47” in width, 14” in height and 20” in depth.

2) Product Name: 3 Stair Fiberglass Steps

Price: $ 399.00


Details: this is a perfect choice for manufactured home owners who are keen on connecting a relatively small area of their home with the ground, whether it is the front step, porch area or something else. Weighing 126lbs, this stair step is relatively easy to move around and is bound to fit in just about any manufactured home irrespective of the size. They are also quite long lasting and easy to maintain. The stairwell does measure 36” in width and 24” in height and 44” in depth.

3) Product Name: Mobile Home Fiber Glass Stairs – 5 Steps

Price: $ 529.99


Details: this fiberglass portable set of steps is made of 5 steps of slip resistant fiberglass which is surrounded by a wooden frame for both functional and beauty purposes. Weighing around 200lbs, this stairwell is much lighter than other similar steps made from a different material such as wood or concrete. The step has a width of 36 inches and a height of 40 inches, the top ledge or step does have a depth of 24 inches.

4) Product Name: Stairway, 24” Wide 4 stairs

Price: $ 624.41


Details: these galvanized prefabricated stairs are convenient and safe for all levels of access and are adaptable to all types of installations. It has non-skid perforated galvanized grating. It is fitted with one piece side risers as well as rounded tubular safety rails. The stairs are completely pre-fabricated, making them easy to install.