Manufactured Home Patio Covers – Available Choices

Depending on the weather conditions, most people are usually keen on spending more time outdoors and improving their outdoor living space by covering their deck or patio. When planning to get a good patio cover, it is important to take into consideration certain factors. At the onset, it is important to acquaint oneself with the types of manufactured home patio covers available in the market. In general, there are two main types of patios, the permanent options or the removable ones.

A permanent patio cover is bound to cost much more but is also bound to serve you for longer and significantly enhance your outdoor living area because they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Removable patio covers on the hand include fabric canopies, retractable awnings, umbrellas etc. they are quite portable and are usually quite effective if you are constantly on the move and therefore don’t want something very permanent.


For both permanent and removable patio covers, it is important to check on the materials used to make the patio. Some of the more common materials for permanent patio covers include wood and metal. Wood patio covers are very long lasting and can easily withstand the elements, especially so once they have been treated. Its main disadvantage is the cost and time required to install and maintain the cover.

Wrought iron and aluminum are the most common metals used for patio covers, they are preferred because they are easy to maintain when compared against wood, they are also easy to install. Their main undoing is the fact that they can be easily damaged in high winds or storms since they are not retractable.


Lastly, it is important to take into consideration the projection size as well as the width of the patio cover. The size is usually dependent on how much space you have, the size of your manufactured home and the type of patio cover you have opted for. The size of the cover will also dictate the number of posts you will require during installation.

Manufactured Home Patio Covers – Recommendations

Here are some examples of manufactured home patio covers readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: 8 ft Projection by 10 ft Width Patio Cover

Price: $ 380.00


Details: these patio covers are ideal for covers with projections of ten (10) feet or less. They are constructed using aluminum and are available in colonial white or white. The framework is constructed using extruded aluminum framework that’s combined with a baked on enamel finish. The framework is available in brown or white and does accept tow color trim inserts. The covers are custom ordered to fit actual requirements.

2) Product Name: 10’ by 14’ Feria Patio Cover with Polycarbonate Panels

Price: $ 1564.00


Details: the Feria 4200 patio cover does fully cover an area measuring 10’ by 14’ and is made of strong, clear multiwall polycarbonate roof panels which are virtually unbreakable. Its aluminum frame is powder coated and is therefore easy to clean and rust resistant. It does also have an integrated gutter system which will drain away any water from the patio: the polycarbonate panels do feature UV protection even though they still let in light. The adjustable pole support does allow the patio cover to easily adjust to other patio sizes as well. It is also worth mentioning that because the panels have a unique locking system, they are easy to assemble since they just click in place.

3) Product Name: 10 ft Projection by 20 Ft Width Classic Patio Cover

Price: $ 980.00


Details: these patio covers are constructed using 4.5” extruded aluminum front and some strong and sturdy side Fascia that accepts a set of two color trim inserts. The 2 piece hang tab system (Adjustable) and V shaped, .027 gauge aluminum pans are available in a variety of colors such as colonial white and white. These covers are quite ideal for use in projections that don’t exceed 12 feet and for projections that also don’t exceed 20 feet. It is easy to install, long lasting and very stylish, this patio cover is bound to lighten up your outdoors.

4) Product Name: 12 ft Projection by 16 ft length (With 3 posts) Dura Lock Patio Cover

Price: $ 2721.40


Details: this is an amazing insulated patio roof system that has panels which lock together, this does negate the need for girders, resulting in a nearly seamless ceiling structure for your patio. It does even have built in electric race ways which allow you to add on lights and ceiling fans if you feel like. The set does include 48” wide locking insulated panels, front and side fascias, deluxe front header, caulking, house type gutter and the number of posts required (3 posts). The posts come complete with wood or concrete anchors, anchor brackets and other hardware.