Manufactured Home Gutters And Downspouts – Replacement Options

When thinking about getting your gutter and downspout supplies for your home, it is important to take into consideration certain factors such as the material used to make the gutter or downspouts with copper, steel, aluminum and vinyl being the most popular. It is also important to take into consideration the available sizes: this is especially so in the case of downspouts as you must have the correct size of elbows so as to ensure that it fits snugly and water does not start seeping out immediately you finish fixing it. The maintenance needs should also be considered, get gutters and downspouts which are UV stabilized and don’t require frequent painting. Here are some good examples of available manufactured home gutters and downspouts which are readily available online and are all quite simple to install.

1) Product Name: Mini-Gutter White Finish 12 inches in length

Product Price: $ 14.60 for each

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Product Details: these gutters are made from steel and are specifically meant for use in mobile home roofs. It is available in several dimensions even though the more popular has the back wall at 2.75 inches tall: the front wall is 1.5 Inches tall and has a width of 2 inches. Even though the gutter is smaller than the standard gutters found in conventional homes, they are quite strong and reliable and are not prone to rusting. The screws and sealants required for fixing the gutters is usually sold separately.

2) Product Name: Mini Gutter Galvanized Steel Finish (10” Length)

Product Price: $ 12.89 for each

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Product Details: these gutters are made from galvanized steel and is therefore a heavy duty option for your manufactured home. Even though it does look a bit smaller than other conventional gutters, they do come with rather standard dimensions. The back wall is 2.75” tall whereas the front wall is 1.5” tall and the gutter does have a 2” width. They are easy to install, are durable and very reliable once they have been properly fitted.

3) Product Name: Aluminum Mini Gutter

Product Price: $ 13.97 for each

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Product Details: this aluminum gutter is quite ideal for channeling water from windows and doors and protecting the foundation of the manufactured home in the process. With a length of 12 inches and a width of 1.5 inches, it is appropriately sized for a majority of manufactured homes. These gutters are quite common in manufactured homes and single wide homes even though they are also quite easy to install on sheds, garages and porches. For installation purposes, all you need to have is a � butyl tape and a set of hex head screws.

4) Product Name: Severe Weather White Vinyl Downspout

Product Price: $ 15.65 for each

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Product Details: this downspout does measure 2 inches by 3 inches and is sold in sizes of ten feet. It is a maintenance free downspout that’s quite ideal for a manufactured home because it doesn’t require any painting and can easily withstand the harsh elements. It is also easy to install as no special tools or equipments are needed. They are sold with a limited lifetime warranty and are quite affordable when you compare them against other similar downspouts in the market currently. Fitting an extension to the downspout is also quite simple as it doesn’t have rough and untidy edges which other downspouts tend to have from time to time. This white colored downspout is UV stabilized and can be painted by the homeowner if he or she decides to do so: latex paint type is the most preferred option in such a situation.

5) Product Name: Amerimax White Aluminum Downspout ( 3” by 4” )

Product Price: $ 16.75 for each

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Product Details: this white metal does measure 3 inches by 4 inches by 10 feet does easily connect to rain gutters and is used to guide rain down the along the wall. This does protect the walls of the manufactured home. It is also easy to install as all you need to do is use a downspout band to attach to the wall of the home. It is also recommended that the homeowner uses 3” by 4” aluminum elbows with this particular downspout. Even though it requires little maintenance after installation, the downspout is paintable even though the paint type allowed is the latex type paint. The hanger type used is dependent on the application and how it is fitted. It should also be noted that the downspout is not UV stabilized and it may thus be affected by the elements after some time.