Manufactured Home Furnace Filters: How To Pick Out The Right Replacement

Manufactured home furnace filters are used to clean debris, dirt, and dust from the air stream that passes through any HVAC system. Keeping all the above mentioned particles out or the furnace not only improves the indoor air quality but does also extend and protect the furnace motor as well as other internal components. It is thus true that with the correct or right furnace filter, you can easily keep the HVAC running better for longer and make your home a much healthier place to be.

It is worth noting that whereas a furnace filter can be quite advantageous, it can also hinder the passage of air or even end up facilitating the introduction of dust as well as other forms of allergens into the environment. In this regard, it is always important to clean your filter if it is a permanent type or replace if it is the disposable type.

When shopping for a new furnace filter, there are certain important factors that one needs to consider. First and foremost, it is important to know the type of filter you need. There are several types of furnace filters in the market. These include electrostatic, pleated, HEPA as well as Activated Carbon. Electrostatic filters are semi-permanent and last for a pretty long time. They are washable and carry an electronic charge. The pleated filters are quite effective in trapping unwanted particles due to its surface area. HEPA filters are considered the standard for vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, the same cannot be said about furnace filters since they tend to create too much air flow resistance. On the other hand, an activated carbon component enables the filter to absorb fumes, chemicals and odors as air passes through the system.


The next thing you need to consider is the furnace filter sizing. These usually come in a variety of sizes and it is therefore very important to get the sizing right. In this regard, you need to acquaint yourself with terminologies such as MERV and MRP. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is the standard used to compare the efficiency of one furnace filter against the other. This is usually a report on the filters success in capturing microns that are between three (3) and ten (10) microns.

This does imply that a good filter can effectively remove many of the small particles that make up dust in the home. For those who are keen on allergen reduction, then it is highly recommended that you opt for a unit with an MERV of 11 or even 12. Micro particle Performance Rating (MPR) is used to measure how efficient an air filter is at capturing particles in the range of 0.3 to 1 Micron; this usually has smog, smoke and bacteria particles. The higher the MPR, the more efficient and effective the unit is bound to be.

Change Frequency

Lastly, it is also important to check on the how soon you will be called upon to change the filters. Generally, disposable filters should be changed once every 3 months, though this can be hastened during summer and winter months when the HVAC system is used heavily.

Manufactured Home Furnace Filters – Recommendations

Here are some of the popular manufactured home furnace filters readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Titanium Accumulair

Price: $ 14.99


Details: the product does have a very unique mini-pleat design which offers a larger surface area than the standard pleats. The unit does also contain odor reduction technology and is fitted with antimicrobial protection which discourages the development and growth of molds. It is not a permanent unit and should be replaced after three months.

2) Product Name: Coleman Foam Furnace Door Filter

Price: $ 19.95


Details: this unit does fit in the Presidential II furnace door and is easy to mount using built in retainers. The unit is washable and has a width of 19, length of 36 as well as depth of 0.25 inches. The unit is durable, easy to fix and can trap dust particles measuring less than 1 micron

3) Product Name: 19 by 54 by 25 Mobile Home Furnace Filter

Price: $ 10.99


Details: the unit does fit most furnace doors; uses built in retainers and is quite long lasting and washable as well.