How To Buy The Best Manufactured Home Combination Doors

There are a complete line of manufactured home combination doors out there. As long as you have the money and you come across what suits you, you’re always free to invest in them. These doors are made out of different types of materials so consumers can enjoy diversification. Materials such as wood, fiberglass, and elixir have different characteristics that make them appealing to consumers independently.

Furthermore, if you’d love to have your combo doors customized, you can have that as well. With the variety out there, you shouldn’t shy away since you can find the ideal combo door for your manufactured home.

Interior combo doors

These doors can be fixed in your bedroom or even bathroom. Going for a combo door made of natural wood will give you the beauty and refreshment associated with wood. In fact, these are cute doors you can use to replace doors that are old and worn out.

For your interior décor needs, go with a door that has smooth finish and grain appearance.

Painted or stained combo doors

Wood doors give you the choice to paint or stain them. You can either use them to complement or contrast your interior décor based on your needs. Most of the doors manufactured with style let you transport and install them quite easily.

If you want durability, you can even opt for composite wooden doors because they resist warping, shrinking or even cracking better than other doors.

Exterior combo doors

Some of these doors selling in the market have foam insulation and are bonded with metal. They come pre-drilled, with door locks and screws for easy installation. You can even shop for an out-swing model that features a diamond window.

In most cases, this type of door is galvanized and features thick insulated foam material. The door also comes pre-hang inside a frame (together with all the hardware you will need for installation).

When buying combination doors for your mobile home, make sure you go for a door that is complete, i.e. a unit that comprises of the door itself, frame, 4-inch jamb, and the necessary hardware you need for installation.

The door must also be energy-efficient, filled with polyurethane materials of the highest R-ratings. Your door should also come with exterior locks, screws, and a pre-drilled hole for the doorknob.

Most combo doors are designed with folded edge so as to lock out water. This makes the wood last longer.

You could check out this example of a combo door known as the Kinro Combination Exterior Door. It has a diamond window to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The door currently sells at $375.

Measuring your doors

When looking for combination doors, you need to have the right measurements with you. Therefore, when taking measurements, you need to use the opening measurement rather than the actual door size.

From the inside of your mobile home, you can take measurements for the door itself. Once you do this, round off the figure to the nearest even number. You should also add 2 inches allowance to include your doorjamb and you will have the correct measurements needed when buying a combo door.

Common sizes

Combination doors come in a a vast array of sizes. Common sizes include 32 X 76, 34 X 76, 34 X80 and 36 X 80. So if you’re getting something like 32X74, then it could mean that you’re not accounting for the door jamb.

You will need to know the type of door hinge which is ideal for your needs. And for you to do this, establish whether the door hinge of your mobile home is situated towards the right or left side when observing from the outside.

If you find that the door hinge is fixed towards the right, then you need a right-hinged door. The opposite is also true for the left side.

When choosing these doors

You should go for a door that can withstand the efforts of a criminal. The more it appears intimidating, the more intruders will be discouraged. Furthermore, such doors even reduce the insurance premiums you pay to secure your manufactured door.

And of course you need to know your budget. Affordable doors are not necessarily poor in construction. Yet again, the most expensive doors might carry that price tag because of the brand, and not because of the performance.