Manufactured Home Ceiling Alternatives – Available Choices

Manufactured homes generally feature one of three types of ceiling. These include fiberboard, textured gypsum wallboard or drywall, and ceiling tiles. In most instances, wallboard ceilings and fiberboard typically come in four foot wide sections which run the entire width of the manufactured home. This usually makes replacing the panels difficult to find and also quite difficult to get into the home when you want to replace it. Listed below are some of the readily available manufactured home ceiling alternatives readily available in the market.

1) Fiberboard

In a manufactured home, a fiberboard is one of the most difficult parts to replace. This is mainly because most developers tend to use very large panels at the initial building making it very difficult for homeowners to source the product. A lot of things have changed in the near past though and many manufacturers are currently building using slightly smaller pieces of fiberboard. In a manufactured home, the best alternative is usually to get the closest matching panel that’s available and then painting over the ceiling so as to cover any differences.

Product Example

Name: SBI Micore -300 Mineral Fiber Board (A Pack of Four)

Price: $ 113.95


Details: the board dimensions are 48” by 24” by 0.5” and each pack contains 4 boards made from micore 300 fiber construction. It is a versatile and sturdy board that has numerous applications. The board does feature a mineral fiber construction which provides additional durability and extra safety. The high quality material used makes these boards some of the finest in the industry. Their relatively small size makes them easy to install than other ceiling materials.

2) Gypsum Board/ Wallboard / Sheetrock or Drywall

This is usually manufactured by taking a non- combustible gypsum core and then encasing the same in a relatively smooth finish paper on the face side of the panel and a more natural finish paper on its back side. They are usually quite easy to fix and are widely used in the construction of manufactured home ceilings, they mostly require only some hand finishing usually at the fasteners and at the joints. They are long lasting, durable and quite sturdy.

Product Example

Name: Moisture Resistant Type X Drywall

Price: $ 16.63 Each


Details: it does feature a gypsum core board which has been surfaced with a moisture resistant paper along the edges and at the back and front of the panel. Because of its natural properties, it is quite durable yet very easy to repair when required. The wallboards also do have sound control capabilities. The tapered edges make for a very smooth finish while the type X feature does provide the panel with additional fire resistance capabilities and qualities. It is also worth noting that the panel does accept a relatively wide variety of decorative finishes, making it ideal for a variety of repair work and remodeling. When applied to ceilings, it does provide for a very beautiful finish.

3) Ceiling tiles

These ceiling tiles are generally sold in 16” or 4” wide and generally run the entire width of the manufactured home. Depending on the ceiling tiles, they are mostly held up with rosettes and screws. Other tiles are usually screwed up at their seams before they are covered using a plastic spline. When they get damaged, getting a replacement can be a real headache: the first problem is usually getting the matching tile. Another problem as earlier mentioned is usually to get the panel into the home. For this reason, at times the only option is to replace the entire ceiling if the homeowner is unable to get a matching tile. Most manufactured homes have either suspended or paneled tiles fitted on their ceilings.

Product Example

Name: 4’x 2’ Lay-in Ceiling Tile Panel (With Fire code)

Price: $ 5.24 each


Details: it does feature extraordinary dimensional stability and very superior fire protection capabilities. These panels are quite different since they have a face laminated gypsum look and are also Class A fire rated. They also have very good and remarkable sound absorption capabilities due to its good CAC values. The durable finish implemented makes the panel scratch resistant, washable and also scratch resistant. The tiles are sold with a ClimaPlus thirty year lifetime no sag system warranty whereas the square edge with the lay in mounting does allow for easy installation and also for that rare replacement.