How To Shop For The Perfect Kitchen Sink For A Manufactured Home

The kitchen is without doubt the heart of any home. The kitchen sink plays a very central role in the kitchen and can therefore also be referred to as the heart of the kitchen. Apart from just playing the functional role, sinks do provide a very important design element to the kitchen in particular and the home in general.

Kitchen sinks usually consist of one or multiple bowls complete with a faucet, drain with a strainer and other accessories such as soap dispensers and sprayers. They come in a wide variety of depths, sizes, shapes and materials.

There are very many kitchen sink choices to consider when you are shopping for one: this is especially so if you want to have a sink that not only functions as desired but also complements the style and décor of your kitchen accordingly. Here are some few factors worth taking into consideration when making this very important purchase.


The first thing to be considered should be the material used to manufacture the kitchen sink. This is a decision that’s not only practical but also aesthetic. Even though you may want a sink which will complement your fixtures and décor, you have to take into consideration the heavy usage it will endure over a long period of time. The most common kitchen sink materials include stainless steel, cast iron, solid surface, Fireclay, cast acrylic, copper and Composite granite. Fireclay and copper are well known because of their high resistance to bacteria and their strong anti-bacterial properties: making them ideal for food preparation. The solid surface sinks are easy to maintain and keep clean because they have no ridges to collect grime while cast iron and composite granite are very long lasting.

Sink Configuration

It is also important to take into consideration the configuration of the kitchen sink. This usually includes questions relating to the overall size of the sink, the number of bowls in the sink and their orientation. The number of holes the sink will require for accessories and fixtures and the depth are some of the other key points worth considering. The maximum dimensions of a sink is usually determined by the interior width of the sink’s cabinet with most base cabinets having a width of 25.25” to 26” and a height of 36” to 42”.

Number Of Bowls

The number of bowls is usually a very pertinent consideration for many people, there are basically three different orientations for bowls: single, double and triple bowls. Single bowls are good for cleaning of oversized plates and pots. The double bowl does provide room for separate tasks such rinsing and washing whereas the triple bowl does have a third, relatively small bowl used as a preparation sink.


Another important factor worth taking into consideration is the mounting of the kitchen sink. This is usually determined by the construction of the countertop and the material used to make the sink. Drop in or top mount sinks usually drop in a precut hole in the countertop. They can be self rimming or rimmed. Under-mount sinks are installed under the counter and are mostly made from granite and solid surface. Integral sinks are built into the counter and are usually constructed using the same material like the counter. They are flush mounted, this means their surface is even with that of the countertop.

You should also consider the drain position and the plumbing depth. Sinks which have offset or rear drain positions at the back of the unit do create more cabinet space for the trash can and the plumbing depth will affect the space available for the installation of other accessories such as a garbage disposer.

Kitchen Sink Choices – Recommendations

Here are examples of some of the popular kitchen sinks in the market, they include:

1) Product Name: Moen 22 Gauge Single Bowl Drop in Sink (Stainless steel)

Price: $ 44.52


Details: single bowl, stainless steel kitchen sink, it features a sound shield which reduces the noise levels and comes with integrated mounting rails and a 2” drain opening. It is a drop in mount type kitchen sink.

2) Product Name: Diamond Dual Mount Composite Single bowl kitchen sink

Price: $ 486.50


Details: made from eighty percent solid granite, the versatile dual deck can be installed as an under-mount or a drop-in. It is resistant to stains, scratches and household alkali and acid solutions.

3) Product Name: FrankeUSA Single Bowl Stainless steel top-mount kitchen sink

Price: $ 109.00


Details: has an extra deep sink, it features a 21 gauge steel construction which is ideal for a top mount dinstallation. It is safe and easy to install and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

4) Product Name: Kraus Farmhouse Apron 60/40 Double Bowl Kitchen sink

Price: $ 478.99


Details: this sink does boast of a 16 gauge, premium grade T 304 stainless steel construction, it has a commercial grade, scratch resistant premium satin finish. The kitchen sink also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

5) Product Name: Moen Series Double Bowl Drop-in Sink 20 gauge Kitchen sink

Price: $ 139.20


Details: this double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink does also feature a sound shield which assures users of exceptional noise reduction capabilities and also has a limited lifetime warranty.