Effective Tips On How To Get Attic Access In A Manufactured Home

Most people do not understand the difference between modular homes and manufactured homes. Among the various differences is that fact that most manufactured homes lack an attic access. This is mainly because, in most models in the market, the space between the roof and the ceiling happens to be limited in a way. However, having an attic area in your manufactured home would be advantageous in the fact that it can provide some extra space for storage or placement of appliances and fixtures that require being installed in the ceiling. In some cases, the access would help to allow electric cables and wires to run in the ceiling. You may also need attic access for the purpose of roof inspection and ventilation purposes, especially since an improperly ventilated attic is more likely to contribute to manufactured home roof damage.

Considering the fact that most models come without this access, most manufactured home owners tend to wonder how they can gain attic access for those purposes. This being the case, here are some important tips on how to get attic access in a manufactured home. The process will involve opening up the ceiling and finding a space that will offer support when constructing the attic access hole. below are the requirements and brief guidelines you can borrow on how to go about it.


If you intend to make an Attic Access by yourself, you will require a number of materials and carpentry tools. However, it is always best to find a good technician for the job to avoid possible injuries, property damages, or accidents during the task. Nevertheless, here are some of the thing you will need.

• Four 2x4x24-inch wood boards
• Wood screws ( the self-tapping type)
• Wood drill, preferably with a Phillips-head attachment
• A stud finder
• Marking pencil
• Hammer
• Some nails
• A reciprocating saw

Step 1: Designing Access Hole

• Connect 4 boards, each 2x4x24 inches to make a square pattern. However, the boards may as well be longer than 24-inches if you prefer so.

• Use your 3-inch screws and drive them into the ends of your square boards. The boards should connect to each other.

• Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling studs, which are in most cases spaced 16-inches apart from each other. Locate at least two studs, which will be used by the access point for support and stability. Make pencil markings where the studs are located.

• Now, hold the frame you made from the boards against the ceiling ensuring the studs are spaced evenly across the frame length. Make a trace out of you frame on the ceiling using your marking pencil.

• Make some tiny holes into the sides of your ceiling studs using a nail and hammer and pull some of the material down to take a look inside. Check for wiring and electric cables before proceeding. Any wires located in the area should probably be repositioned by an electrician to avoid damaging the connections. The mains should obviously be turned off at this point.

You have now designed your access hole!

Step 2: Cutting the Hole Out and Installing a Frame

• Use a reciprocating saw to cut out the shape of your ceiling access frame. Here, you should be guided by the holes you made, ensuring that you carefully cut through the studs.

• After cutting your hole out, pick your frame and press it into position. It should securely fit into the prepared hole, in a flush position with your manufactured home ceiling studs.

• Drill to attach your frame to the ceiling studs by using two 3-inch wood screws. You may then install an attic access door or make one by yourself using ceiling boards

After creating your manufactured home attic access, you may also want add ventilation, insulation, or even some air conditioning appliances to improve the energy efficiency and comfort level in your home. Below are a few attic-related products you might want to look at.

Product Examples

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3: 22 X 30-inch Hatch Attic Access Door R-42 E-Z
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