Freestanding Closets For Much Needed Additional Storage Space

Freestanding closets are pieces of furniture which are not attached to the floor or wall. When shopping for such a closet, it is important to take into consideration certain factors such as the available space you have in the room and how the closet is going to accentuate or compliment other bedroom or room furniture.

It is also important to find out the ease at which the closet can be assembled and disassembled and also if there is need to call in a professional to help in the installation. Most closets don’t require professional installation though because they come ready for use.

It is also advisable to get a closet which is versatile and can be expanded using other shelves and hang rods. This is important because you don’t want to keep on buying closets every other year: an expandable closet is bound to grow with your needs and requirements.

Freestanding Closets – Recommendations

Here are some of the popular freestanding closets readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet

Price: $ 37.99


Details: this is the perfect wardrobe storage solution for your laundry room, or any other spare room. Featuring a resin and steel frame, this closet is very durable. With five wire closet shelves and two hanging bars, with its neat and simple construction design, this freestanding closet can be placed even inside your wardrobe or even current closet to help in organizing your clothes. It is available in either silver or black and is very easy to install, as a matter of fact, no tool assembly is required for its installation.

2) Product Name: Expandable Closet Organizer (Seville Classic)

Price: $ 149.99


Details: with dimensions of 14 by 18 by 72, it does expand from 63 to 186 in width. The set does include ten shelves measuring 14 by 18 and four expandable leveling feet and hanging rods. With a weight capacity of 150lbs for each and every shelf, 75 lbs for extended hanging rods and 150lbs for hanging rods which are not extended, this freestanding closet can carry some heavy load. It is made from commercial strength steel and comes with a chrome finish. It is very easy to install and no tools are therefore required to do the installation or assembly. It is backed with a ten year limited warranty. It is also worth mentioning that the height of each shelf can be adjusted at intervals of one inch: giving it a customizable system.

3) Product Name: 8 Door Set of Hanging Wardrobe with 6 interior Drawers

Price: $ 619.00


Details: this freestanding closet is ideal for almost any home. Offers a large storage section which opens with double doors. It has a relatively long metal hang rod which measures 48.5 inches: this allows the closet to hold long jackets and coats. Can either be placed together as one seamless set or placed separately. There is no need for either hanging, fastening or securing this closet to the floor or walls as it is free standing. The interior can be further customized with additional hand rods and shelves even though such are sold separately. It is ready to use when shipped and there is therefore no need for assembly.

4) Product Name: Mirrored 4 Door and 3 Interior Wardrobe Closets

Price: $ 569.00


Details: one closet does offer a relatively large storage section which opens up with double doors, revealing a metal hang rod which measure 68.25”, this is an ideal height for storing blazers, dresses and long jackets. It has three interior drawers which measure 4 by 27.5 inches by 14 inches: the set of doors are quite smooth and open effortlessly. The interior of this closet can also be customized with shelves and hang rods depending on needs and requirements. Can be placed together as one large closet or can be placed separately as pieces. It is free standing so there is no need for any fasteners either to the floor or on the walls.

5) Product Name: Mirrored 8 Door Set of Hanging Wardrobe Closets

Price: $ 364.00


Details: no fastening or securing of the closet is required. There is also no installation tools required since the closet does come ready for use. The flexible interior design does allow for some additional hang rods as well as for additional shelves. Because it is free standing, these pieces can all stand on their own or can be combined so as to provide a uniquely seamless design and look. All the doors are well fitted and open quite effortlessly. It is a closet which is perfect for seasonal items which are not used each and every day since they can easily be tucked away in those large interior spaces.