Entry Door Mail Slots

How To Choose A Entry Door Mail Slot For A Home

Entry Door mail slots vary greatly and it is therefore important to select a mail slot that’s architecturally consistent with the general style of your home. Apart from this, there are also numerous considerations one has to take into consideration when choosing a mail slot. First and foremost, it is important to choose the correct size. It is important to carefully review the type of mail that you receive and then decide on condition you want to receive this mail, this is especially so if you receive lots of large envelopes and magazines. If that is the case, make sure you get a large mail slot so that your mail is not damaged or torn by being forced through a small slot. Standard mail sizes are in the range of nine to thirteen inches: larger slots are usually bigger than this.

Single Or Double Flap

You should then decide on whether you want a double or single flap mail slot. Most mail slots have an interior back plate and a front flap. This does imply than every time when flap is lifted, there is a small hole in the door with a direct entry to the slot without any barrier. For a double flap, there is a flap on either side of the door. This is a good option if the door is greatly exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snow or rain. They thus offer more security and privacy.


It is also important to choose a good height to install the mail slot. In most instances, these slots are usually fitted on the lower half of the door in question. The rule of thumb though should be to install the slot at or slightly higher than the waist height.

Entry Door Mail Slots – Recommendations

Here are some of the most popular entry door mail slots readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Cast iron Neo –Classical Letter Slot with Vintage Iron Finish

Price: $ 27.79

URL: http://is.gd/IDdN1t

Details: this neo-classical and stately mail slot is festooned with floral accents and garlands. For weather resistance, this mail slot is lacquered and lightly antiqued. The cut out is sized for standard letters and will therefore require that larger items be folded. When installing on doors with a thickness that’s less than 2′ then the mounting bolts must be made shorter. This mail slot does by default enhance a historic feel and look and can be installed using the sturdy through bolt installation for the best results. It does have a five (5) year warranty. For best performance and to also prevent instances of rust, steel and iron hardware should be maintained regularly. Once the installation has been made, make sure you check for chips or scratches on the surface and make plans to re-coat when and if necessary.

2) Product Name: Large Bungalow Mail Slot with a Front Plate

Price: $ 109.90

URL: http://is.gd/OPfRLa

Details: this authentic craftsman style mail slot does feature a hammered and rugged texture as well as a deep bronze finish. Made of heavy duty cast brass, the slot is very sturdy and durable as well. With a larger opening, this slot can easily handle legal envelopes and magazines to slide through without the need for folding. To reduce drafts and keep the slot closed, the exterior flap has been spring loaded

3) Product Name: Solid Brass Magazine Size Mail Slot with Open Back Plate

Price: $ 42.99

URL: http://is.gd/MDGE3B

Details: has a timeless design with a great finishes to boot. Made of high quality brass construction, its open back plate model that’s a good option for home locations or businesses where privacy is not a great concern such as a closet or vestibule. The beautiful finishing touches are good for any front door and tend to lend a traditional and unique look to the exterior. It does have a solid feel to it, of authentic reproduction, is well crafted and does work quite great. This mail slot is without doubt a good addition to any home.

4) Product Name: Deltana 13 1/8 Inch Mail Slot with Solid Brass

Price: $ 49.94

URL: http://is.gd/Eozefu

Details: measuring 13- 1/8 inches by 3 5/8 inches, this mail slot does have a door opening that measures around 11 inches by 2 3/8 inches, this makes it ideal for also receiving large mail envelopes as well without the need for folding them. This particular mail slot is available in a wide array of fine finishes, is easy to install and also very easy to maintain.

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