Countertop Choices

Tips On Available Countertop Choices For Your Manufactured Home

Depending on your taste and liking, there are numerous countertop choices available in the market which are bound to make your manufactured home not only to look lovely but also be quite inviting and engaging. Apart from the size, countertops are usually differentiated by the material with which they are made from. Just like in conventional homes, manufactured home countertop choices are numerous and varied. Some of the most common countertops are made from granite, wood, laminate, copper and recycled products. It is therefore possible to get a countertop of any of these materials and be able to comfortably use it in your manufactured home without encountering any problem that can’t be managed.

Countertop Choices – Recommendations

Here is a brief look at the available choices made from each of the above mentioned materials.

1) Product Name: Stonemark Granite Countertop in Barbados Sand (3 Inches)

Price: $ 9.95 Each


Details: 100% natural granite, it is treated with Stoneguard sealer, making it resistant to beverage and food stains. It is also backed with a fifteen year warranty which covers beverage and food staining and material integrity defects. Because fissures, pitting and veining occur naturally in granite materials, the countertop does provide that unique look of natural stone. It is sold in increments of 3 inches by 3 inches and has a flat edge type and an assembled depth of three inches and an assembled width of 3 inches.

2) Product Name Maple Unfinished 1.5 “thick x 25” x12” Butcher Block Countertop

Price: $ 359.99


Details: the close grain of this countertop does provide for a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and care for. The countertop is made from maple, a wood that’s exceptionally beautiful and has a sturdy and tough surface and is very durable. This particular wood has heartwood that’s creamy white in color with variants that are reddish brown with sapwood that’s a pale creamy white in color. It is also available in 12” and 8” of unfinished maple.

3) Product Name: Pragel Countertop with black mineral effect

Price: $ 59.00


Details: this laminate countertop with black laminate effect is stunningly beautiful and durable. They are also easy to maintain and do only require some minimal care to keep them looking as good as new. It is possible to cut this particular laminate countertop to the desired length then cover the edges with edging strips which are usually sold with the countertop. It is made from particleboard and a high pressure melamine foil as the laminate. It can withstand most common household chemicals such as dishwashing liquid. Corrosive materials such as chlorine, descaling agents and other corrosive chemicals should never be placed on the countertop though.

4) Product Name: Copper Countertop

Price: $ 78.99


Details: the utterly ageless tones of copper that’s been known to create that warm and inviting glow to any kitchen is well represented by a copper countertop. Naturally, copper does act like a ‘living’ material and does change color and tarnish naturally. Copper is also known to provide a very hygienic and anti-bacterial surface for foodstuffs. The countertop is stain resistant, easy to clean and heat resistant. It is worth noting that there are specialty cleansers which can be used so as to give the countertop an original and new penny look when the user desires so. A seamless one piece design is available in virtually all lengths in the matte finish. It is sold mounted on a 1.5 “substrate, ready to be secured onto the cabinets from beneath. It should be noted that this countertop is made from forty eight (48) ounce copper.

5) Product Name: ECO Recycled Surface Luna Countertop (4 inches)

Price: $ 9.95


Details: this is an environmentally friendly and non porous countertop that’s promotes and supports sustainability without compromising on style and durability. This is a good alternative for those users who are keen on doing something about the environment and healthy living. It is made from 75 % of recycled material and uses a corn resin that’s environmentally friendly to bind all the pieces together. It is sold with a ten year warranty and does display a much more superior performance against scorching, scratching and staining. Because it is non porous, there is no need of using sealants on this countertop. It has an assembled depth of 5inches and an assembled width of 4 inches and has a thickness of .5 inches. This is a real masterpiece for the environment conscious clients.

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