Closet Door Options You Can Buy For Your DIY Project

Knowing your closet door options before making a purchase is a good thing. That’s because you want to get the most value out of your investment money. Therefore, if you’re hunting for replacement closet doors, you should have a few options in mind. These are bi-fold and sliding closet doors. Also, keep in mind that each style has its own pros and cons.

Bi-fold closet door options

These are easy to install, plus they allow full access into the closet space. Consequently, this type of a door is ideal for closets with small openings. Don’t apply these doors on closets with large closet openings since they look impractical.

Once you decide to invest in bi-fold closet doors, you can apply a light lubricant on the rollers to keep them opening and closing smoothly. Again, keep in mind that normal wear and tear will damage the tracks, and when this happens, opening and closing the door may feel difficult. At this point, you’ll need to repair the door.

Sliding closet doors

Sliding closet doors will work best for closets with wide openings. They look good on closets whose openings cover a whole bedroom wall. When installed and lubricated properly, they slide smoothly across the wide opening of the closet to reveal the contents of the closet halfway.

Since they cover a wide opening, these doors tend to be large and heavy. Any damage on the tracks will derail or stop them from working completely.

So when choosing any of the doors mentioned above, the only thing you should consider is size of the closet opening. If your closet has a small opening, you should go for the first option. On the other hand, if you have a closet which has a wide opening, you should go for the second option instead.

Other door options available for those who are creative

(a) Shutters

These closet doors have been popular in recent times. But you probably didn’t recon that they were shutters until now. Essentially, closet doors can be customized from shutters, or purchase the whole thing so you can install it on your closet. However, your project with shutters will depend with the design and size of the shutters and closet in question.

(b) Dry-erase boards

Blackboard or chalkboard are fun to have in the house especially if you have kids. You could opt for dry-erase doors for your closet and it would just be fun. In fact, this type of a closet door would be ideal for use in a kid’s bedroom. Kids love doodling on walls, and this makes dry-erase door closet doors ideal for them.

(c) Frosted glass doors

Some homeowners love using glass for their own reasons. These homeowners can have their closet door options in frosted glass. However, the problem with this type of a closet door is that it lets guests see through it, thus they will have a clear view of the contents in your closet. But if privacy is not a big concern, you can have closet doors made of frosted glass.

(d) Simple doors

Sometimes simple is the way to go. If you’re the kind of person who is not bothered by fancy stuff, then a simple door for your closet opening will suffice. They are inexpensive and simple in appearance. They still serve the same purpose of a closet door — i.e. protecting the contents inside your closet.

(e) Barn doors

These doors are ideal for use in dressing rooms. However, it doesn’t harm to find a way of implementing barn doors into your closet space. If you’re planning to use a massive barn door, then it’s most likely going to be a sliding door to allow you operate it smoothly.

(f) Classic mirrored doors

These closet doors are mostly used in dressing rooms or bedrooms. The mirrors used in these doors reflect the background decor, thus giving the impression of a spacious bedroom when that may not be the case. These closet doors are ideal for use in closets that house a lot of clothing accessories.

Closet Door Options – Recommendations

1) Bi-fold doors Louver plantation 1by24by80 (white)

These are vertical grain high quality doors with 2 inch wide slats. They’re white in color and made of long lasting wood. They cost $98,

2) Bi-fold door, 6 panel style

This is a 6-panel style door with one side smooth (not paneled). The door comes with all hardware included. The price is $110. Check them out here: