Bathtub Choices: Some Valuable Tips On How To Shop For One

When choosing a bathtub for your manufactured home, there are certain factors which one must take into consideration. These factors vary and may include issues such as installation constraints, weight of the tub, the style, size and type of bathtub required. Once you figure out these issues, it becomes easier to narrow down your options because the market space is awash with bathtub choices which can fit any setting. Here are some factors worth considering when looking for a bathtub.

Bathtub Choices – 5 Selection Factors

1) Types

It is important to first clearly identify the type of bathtub you are going to buy. Generally, there are four main bathtub types in the market, the soaking bathtub, the air bathtub, the whirlpool bathtub and the combination bathtub. A soaking tub is generally designed just to be filled in with water, air and whirlpool bathtubs have a similar construction with the major difference being that, while air baths move air, Whirlpools move water through their plumbing. A combination bathtub on the other hand does combine the inherent benefits of both air and whirlpool baths.

2) Safety & Comfort

It is also important to take into consideration the safety and comfort of users who will bathe on the bathtub. For soaking bathtubs, make sure that the tub comes with a slip resistant tub floor so as to reduce accidental falls and slips. For additional relaxation, there are bathtubs which can come with built in arm rests which may even include neck support and pillows.

3) Styles

Bathtubs come in different styles. An individual’s preference and budget allocations will determine the bathtub style to be purchased. There are several styles readily available in the market:

a) Corner

The corner bathtubs typically have a finished crescent or corner shaped apron at the front.

b) Drop In

Drop in bathtubs can be installed in a raised platform in a mobile home.

c) Freestanding

Freestanding bathtubs are finished on all sides and can therefore be installed off the wall, they usually come equipped with legs.

d) Recessed

A recessed bathtub is a bath that has three open sides and one finished apron, they are basically designed to be installed in an alcove.

e) Walk In

Walk- in bathtubs can either be recessed or freestanding, they usually feature an access door for safe exit and entry and a built in seat to boot.

4) Material

The material used to build the bathtub is also a key factor worth giving some thought. Currently, there are several materials being used, these include Gel coat, Acrylic, enameled steel, cast iron and Americast. The most popular material is the Acrylic. It is a poor conductor of heat and it is therefore more comfortable to lean on while in the bath. It is usually molded and then reinforced with fiberglass and is therefore very long lasting. Acrylic is also easy to clean and doesn’t fade fast. The Gel coat finish is not as smooth as that of acrylic. The cast iron bathtub is usually quite heavy while the design of an enameled steel tub is very limited. Americast is only available on a select number of American brands and opting for it will greatly limit your options.

5) Drain Location

You should also take into consideration the drain location of the bathtub. A typical bathtub has a center, left or right drain location. The drainage point should be on the same side where your drainage lines are at home. Moving the drain point of the bathtub is not advisable even though it is possible. Just to make sure you are buying the correct tub, a right hand tub has a drain location on the right hand side when you are facing the tub.

Manufactured Home Bathtub Choices – Recommendations

1) American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub


Details: the tub has a sleek contemporary styling, a wide accessory storage deck, a soaking tub with extra deep bathing space and a high gloss acrylic capped ABS reinforced with fiber.

2) KOHLER Villager Bath with left hand drain


Details: weighing 316 pounds, this bathtub can hold anything between thirty to forty gallons and is made from cast iron. It can be installed using the three wall alcove method and is sold with the KOHLER lifetime limited warranty.