Bathroom Shower Tile Options To Try Out In Your Manufactured Home

When choosing shower tiles, many factors come into play. And in most cases, the type of shower design will influence the choice of tile that you go for. For instance, if you own a curved shower bench, you’ll need to match it up with smaller tiles. Even though this might sound like an easy task, remember you need tiles that will match both the floor and walls. Furthermore, the bathroom shower tile options you buy must be approved for use in wet conditions.

Large format tiles are ideal for barrier-free designs, but are they safe? Smaller tiles often feature grout line and slip-resistance mechanism. These characteristics are essential in all tiles that are installed in the shower room. Therefore, if you choose to go with big tiles, they should be slip-resistant too. These ratings range between A, B and C. A and B is good, C rating is not very good in slip-resistance.

If you’re using glass or sheet mosaic tiles, it’s upon the retailer or manufacturer to inform you whether the tiles can be used in submerged or pool conditions. They should also inform you of the type of setting material you need for the task.

Shower Tile Materials

Tile options for the bathroom are available in a number of materials. The most common options are porcelain, ceramic and vinyl. They are the most popular and practical as well. So if you want to learn more about these materials, we have a list of a few bathroom materials to suit your needs.

1) Vinyl tiles

Vinyl is cute and affordable, which is why it’s the most practical material used in bathrooms today. It goes well with every type of bathroom, whether its a master bath or just a regular bathroom. Vinyl is also loved because it beats other popular options hands down. It’s affordable, safe and practical. These tiles are also attractive in appearance and easy to install. Lastly, vinyl tiles are self adhering, and can be cut using a normal utility knife. They can cost as little as $0.95 per square foot.

2) Ceramic and porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain appeals to every homeowner in terms of design and color varieties. Whether you fancy stone or wood look-alike varieties, this is your ideal choice of bathroom tile. Ceramic is also said to be maintenance-free, though it doesn’t feel comfortable on the bare feet like vinyl does.

You can rectify this problem by installing radiant floor heat. However, a hard surface will always be hard whether you heat it or not. Furthermore, ceramic is not as easy to install as vinyl, but an adventurous DIY-ier can tackle it. So if you choose to install ceramic for other reasons, then you should install a high-grade glaze to protect your bathroom floor and walls from scratches.

On the other hand, porcelain tiles tend to be harder than clay-based tiles. However, their advantage is that they have a see-through color, and this is convenient in the event that chipping occurs. The price for these items can start at $1.09 per square foot.

3) Plastic laminate tiles

These are usually available as planks and good for home remodeling projects. Plastic laminate tiles are similar to laminate material used to cover kitchen countertops. The good thing with plastic laminate tiles is that they don’t significantly raise the height of the floor, thus they make it convenient to transition from one room to the next.

Even though this material is durable and easy to keep clean, laminate is not a good material for resisting moisture. In fact, stagnant water can infiltrate the fiberboard core, causing it to expand or buckle. Again, with laminate material, you have to caulk the gaps along the walls and tubs. This is to prevent water damage. The price is $0.49.

4) Stone tiles

Stone tiles are now a popular option in bathrooms. They can be made out of marble, limestone, granite and many other stone materials. These tiles are also available in a variety of colors ranging from cream, gold, green, blue etc. Textures also vary from tumbled, cleft, sandblasted and flamed variants.

The problem with stone materials is that they require thorough maintenance than ceramic material. Stone tends to be costly than most ceramic or porcelain-based tiles. Prices vary.

Bathroom Shower Tile Options – Recommendations

1) White Tumbled marble 0.75by0.75 inch (

These white marble tiles for bathroom are softly colored on a mesh or paper mosaic. The cost is $5.9 per square foot. Coverage is 10 per square foot per box.

2) Penny round milk (

This is a bathroom tile with shiny off-white circles that are smooth and with glossy appearance. The price is $7 per square feet. Coverage is 31 ft per box.