5 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Deck Cooling Fans

It’s about that time of year when the temperatures are soaring by the minute. Sometimes the indoor environment can be a bit boring and unsatisfactory. This is one of the reasons we seek a cooling and charming ambiance in the outdoor deck. Depending on how your deck is position and the outside environment, the view can be breathtaking. It even becomes more interesting if you have some comfy outdoor furniture to relax on. And who said you can’t enjoy some outdoor barbeque, lunch or dinner within your home? But when the temperatures are extreme, you may need a reliable, yet cost-effective solution to keep cool and comfortable outdoors.

This makes outdoor fans one of the most important necessities people tend to forget. It’s important to note that the indoor and outdoor fans differ in how they are made. Fact that they serve the same purpose doesn’t in any way make them identical. For instance, outdoor fans are designed to withstand the harsh elements they may constantly be exposed to. But beating around the bush is not the main agenda here. The main focus is on how to choose a good outdoor fan designed to provide efficient cooling for your deck. Well, here are five things you should know about outdoor deck cooling fans.

Outdoor Deck Cooling Fans – 5 Considerations

1. Fan Size Matters

When it comes to deciding on the right outdoor cooling fan for your outdoor deck, size is a determinant factor. The total area of the space to be cooled will determine the size of fan you’ll require. It’s important to know the exact size of the room. Below are some size specifications for different room sizes.

• Under 76 sqft will require a 29-inch to 36-inch ceiling fan
• 76 sqft – 144 sqft will require a 36-inch to 44- inch ceiling fan
• 144 sqft – 225 sqft will require a 44-inch ceiling fan
• 225 sqft to 400 sqft will require a 50-inch to 54-inch ceiling fan

However, the above measures are basically estimates, meaning that the ideal fan size may vary depending on certain factors. Nonetheless, the provided size ranges should suffice depending on the size of your outdoor deck with all other factors constant.

2. Fan Color Is Also Important

This plays an important role especially if you happen to be fashion minded. You want a fan that has the right color to complement the interior décor of the outdoor deck. In addition to this, you also have to consider the color of the ceiling. However, when all considerations have been well noted, remember that the fan is strictly for outdoor use. Choose a color that will not fade over time. Bold colors that stand out would be the best colors for the outdoor fan.

3. Consider the Material

Given the harsh outdoor elements, it’s important to install an outdoor fan that will be able to withstand such. The best materials would be stainless steel or aluminum. A huge reason why most homeowners prefer aluminum over stainless steel is the fact that aluminum is a low-maintenance material. On the other hand, you’d have to regularly clean the stainless steel blades.

4. Style and Type

One thing that comes to mind when talking about style is the different types of home styles we have. For a sophisticated modern home, you’ll require a modern type of fan with a modern sophisticated style. A traditional type of ceiling fan would look good on a Victorian porch. The key is to ensure that the ceiling fan will not clash with the interior décor of your deck. There are several types of outdoor deck cooling fans, all depending on how you’d want them mounted and ceiling height. Some good examples include the close mount and the down rod fans. Some even come with outdoor lighting fixtures so feel free to explore your options exhaustively.

5. Cost

Once you’ve considered the above factors and you’ve established and identified the right outdoor fan. It’s time to check if your wallet can handle the transaction.

There you have it, you now have the know-how when it comes to outdoor deck cooling fans and how to get the best for your deck. It’s now time to go ahead and keep cool.